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Orange 21 Realty - National Association
Mission Statement
Fundamental to being able to live a healthy and happy, a successful and prosperous life are the relationships we choose and nourish with our spouses, family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers. The people we surround ourselves with, directly and indirectly impact our well being. The same is true for our business relationships. Choosing the right Real Estate Firm and agent is not any different.

Our Values are based on our understanding of people’s basic needs. We need Air to breathe, Shelter (incl. clothing) for protection, and Food (incl.) water to survive.  Real Estate fulfills one of the basic needs.  The lucky ones add their ‘wants’ to this basic need.  Many look at Real Estate as an investment while some feel emotionally attached to the Real Estate they own.


Our Vision is to create a company atmosphere built on trust and respect for others, to offer up-to date educational programs and offer continued support to our agents.  Educated agents know the importance of good communication.  Educated agents know the laws regulating the Real Estate Business. Educated agents help consumers make educated decisions.  Happy agents make happy customers.


Our mission is is to grow a Real Estate company not for greed, but to last.  Our commitment is to our agents and their customers and to treat all with high ethical standards, sympathy and empathy.  We will continually develop trust, honesty and integrity within ourselves, between ourselves as team members and between ourselves and our customers.

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